Town Councillor Welcome

It is a pleasure for me, as Tourism Councillor of the Town Hall of Chipiona, to welcome all the users to our website.
Across this Internet portal you can gain access to the information of the different services and programs that have been developed from our Office of Tourism, showing the wealth of the diverse tourist resources of our municipality.
Few words describe the essence of our town and everyone who visits us.
Chipiona is open to the world as a corner in the province of Cadiz, where the smell of the sea and its beaches, the touch of its fine white sands, the fresh breeze which wraps us with its murmur, they are all mixed with the aromas and the explosions of colour from the flowers, followed by the lingering taste of Moscatel wine on our tongues.
We invite the world to enjoy Chipiona with the five senses. Corners full of delight, a white village with seaworthy people, we invite you to walk along the streets of the “Barrio” and to the centre where you will encounter one of many monumental areas like the Parish and Chapel of “Cristo de las Misericordias” in the Plaza Juan Carlos I, next to the old Town Hall
Nearby you will find the balcony of the “Cruz del Mar”, overlooking the enchanted horizon, where you see a small castle, a former fortress to the sea, now restored. We follow the promenade to the beach of “Las Canteras” where the “Corrales”  draw the shoreline, further onwards you will find the Lighthouse, our guiding light for our fishermen. The “Playa de Regla” beach lies waiting..
Behind our “Sanctuario”, you will find the dunes and have arrived to “Camarón” beach, and not much further you will arrive to our pine groves,
In the mind of many visitors to Chipiona lies a name, the name of the late Rocío Jurado. She rests peacefully in the town where she was born, she was the voice of Chipiona. In the streets, hers songs can still be heard playing. Chipiona loves her, Chipiona feels her.
Our visitors can learn for themselves the peculiarities which our town offers, and the interesting corners that it hoards. During your stay in Chipiona you can enjoy, especially, the warm hospitality of its people, a typical characteristic of our town,
I invite you to check in first person the magic that you can enjoy when you visit or live in our town.
We look forward to seeing you.